Pat_Photo.3.14Patricia G. Barnes, J.D. is a nationally-recognized expert on employment discrimination and workplace abuse. She is a licensed attorney, former judge, author, consultant to workers and employers, and the editor of a syndicated employment law blog. For speaking engagements, interviews or to inquire about training programs, contact Ms. Barnes at barnespatg at gmail.com or (775) 546 0898.


 Her most recent book is OVERCOMING AGE DISCRIMINATION IN EMPLOYMENT: AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR WORKERS, ADVOCATES & EMPLOYERS.  This book helps older workers recognize, confront and overcome age discrimination in employment. For employers, Overcoming Age Discrimination in Employment is an essential resource to help avoid costly litigation and needless risk, as well as to retain high-quality workers in an increasingly competitive environment. 

The book follows Ms. Barnes’ groundbreaking  book on age discrimination in employment, BETRAYED: THE LEGALIZATION OF AGE DISCRIMINATION IN THE WORKPLACE, which was called a “must read for everyone over 40” by David Godfrey, the senior attorney of the ABA Commission on Law and Aging.

Ms. Barnes argues that the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) was weak to begin with and has been eviscerated by the U.S. Supreme Court. Older workers literally are second class citizens under current U.S. law.  Almost 50 years after the ADEA’s passage, age discrimination remains epidemic in the United States, hidden behind terms such as “long-term unemployment” and “early retirement.” And the problem is trickling down to  ever younger workers in their 40s and BetrayedforWeb50s.  Even workers in their 30s experience age discrimination, including those in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley.

Age discrimination is problematic for younger workers but it can be a devastating life-altering catastrophe for older workers. They often are plunged into long-term unemployment, forced to take poorly-paid part-time or temp work, and then forced into early retirement, which results in poverty or near poverty for the rest of their lives.

The ADEA  was based upon the false premise that age discrimination is different from and more acceptable than discrimination based upon race, sex, religion and national origin. However, all discrimination is the result of false stereotypes, fear and animus directed toward a discrete group. Despite this, age discrimination is the one form of discrimination that is widely tolerated in American society.  In her books, Ms. Barnes urges repeal of the ADEA and proposes making age a protected class under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion and national origin. At least workers then would have equal rights.


PGB_BookMs. Barnes is the author of  SURVIVING BULLIES, QUEEN BEES & PSYCHOPATHS IN THE WORKPLACE,  the best-selling legal guide to the problem of workplace bullying and abuse in the United States. Workplace bullying costs employers billions each year in higher health care costs, absenteeism and needless turnover. It can poison morale company-wide and is at the core of many race and gender discrimination complaints. This book helps employers understand, address and prevent workplace bullying and abuse. The book helps workers recognize the problem and take constructive action to save their jobs and avoid damage to their mental and physical health. The book has garnered numerous five-star reviews from prominent workplace bullying experts on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Ms. Barnes is a co-founder of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition.


zenamazonMs. Barnes’ book  TRANSCEND YOUR BOSS: ZEN AND THE DIFFICULT WORKPLACE , provides targets of workplace abuse with a time tested path to survive in a hostile environment, at least long enough to effectively address the problem.  Overwhelming research shows that severe stress at work causes mental and physical harm and the longer it continues, the worse the harm. Many victims of workplace abuse suffer post-traumatic stress for years afterwards. Zen theory and meditation offer workers relief from debilitating stress by providing clarity and focus. It helps abuse victims refrain from hitting the send button on an incendiary email that can be used against them by a bullying supervisor. Workers gain time and perspective to address the problem of workplace bullying in a positive and appropriate manner.


Ms. Barnes is the editor of two employment law blogs: WHEN THE ABUSER GOES TO WORK at AbuserGoestoWork.com and AGE DISCRIMINATION IN EMPLOYMENT at AgeDiscriminationinEmployment.com.

 When the Abuser Goes to Work offers extensive resources to workers and  employers on the topics of  discrimination, bullying and abuse. This blog is syndicated by Newstex,  which provides news and commentary  from the “world’s best authoritative sources.” Age Discrimination in Employment deals specifically with age discrimination and the systemic inequality of older workers under U.S. law.