More Self-Inflicted Wounds? Fox Hit With Race Discrimination Lawsuits

It was humming along, the major cable news network in America, raking in billions in profits. Now Fox News  has lost (forced out) its visionary chief executive officer, Roger Ailes, and its top star,  Bill OReilly, both accused of sexual harassing female subordinates for decades.  Fox  paid  Ailes and OReilly tens of millions in severance … Continue reading “More Self-Inflicted Wounds? Fox Hit With Race Discrimination Lawsuits”

Who is Responsible for NFL Bullying?

Now what? An independent investigation has concluded that Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin  was bullied and harassed by team mates, forcing him to leave the team midway through the season. Ted Wells, an attorney who was retained by the National Football League to investigate Martin’s abrupt departure from the Dolphins last fall, concludes in … Continue reading “Who is Responsible for NFL Bullying?”

Bullying in the NFL Workplace

Even Football Players Hurt When Bullied It may seem rather silly that a participant in a sport that is so brutal that it causes its players to suffer brain damage would throw in the towel because of taunts and insults by teammates. But the actions of 6’5″, 315-pound Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin, 25,  are … Continue reading “Bullying in the NFL Workplace”

NFL Settlement Raises Legal Question

What Did the NFL Know? The National Football League Thursday agreed to pay $765 million over 20 years to settle claims that it hid evidence about the dangers of head trauma suffered by NFL players. Should that end the matter? Of course not.  NFL players are employees.  Under the General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational … Continue reading “NFL Settlement Raises Legal Question”

Dealing with High Conflict People

Bill Eddy, on his informative blog,, which is geared toward professional mediators, says High Conflict People (HCP) often act as a result of a life-long mistaken assessment of danger.  He gives the following sage advice for dealing with HCP: 1) Reduce their Mistaken Assessment of Danger:  Try not to be emotionally threatening.  Make an … Continue reading “Dealing with High Conflict People”