Perceived Media Bias Has Skyrocketed

Many Americans will check the media today to see who “won” the Presidential debate. And they will wonder if they watched the same debate as everyone else. The Presidential election has exposed a rapidly growing fault line in American democracy – media bias. A biennial report recently released by the Knight Foundation and Gallup Poll … Continue reading “Perceived Media Bias Has Skyrocketed”

New Big Idea Challenge: Stop Age Discrimination

It is one thing to restrict participation in a youth soccer league to youth but what justification exists for restricting participation in an intellectual challenge on the basis of age? Next City, a non-profit organization that receives funding from some of America’s major foundations, is hosting a gathering on May 6-7 in my city of residence, Reno, Nevada, that … Continue reading “New Big Idea Challenge: Stop Age Discrimination”

Still OK to Fire Irresistable Attraction

The all-male Supreme Court of Iowa has upheld its earlier decision that a dentist did not discriminate when he fired his long-time dental hygienist whom he found to be an irresistible attraction.   In its decision, the Court focused upon the purported reason that the dentist fired the hygienist, rather than the dentist’s behavior.  The Court said the legal question … Continue reading “Still OK to Fire Irresistable Attraction”

OK for Dentist to Fire Object of Desire

In a small office, an employee often has no where to go  when she is mistreated by an employer. The perils of this predicament are amply demonstrated in a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Iowa. The all-male Court  ruled that a dentist did not violate sex discrimination laws when he fired his long-time dental assistant because he … Continue reading “OK for Dentist to Fire Object of Desire”

The Biggest Workplace Bully: Gun Violence

Some guy walks into a movie theater and shoots 71 people … It sounds like a joke waiting for a punch line. But the joke is America’s lack of credible gun control and the inane theory advanced by America’s gun lobby that the U.S. Constitution guarantees any American the right to own an AR-15 assault rifle.  The … Continue reading “The Biggest Workplace Bully: Gun Violence”